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Sweet Clockwork RIG Snow Goggles

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Developed with Sweet Protection's team of alpine ski-racing athletes, the Sweet Clockwork RIG Snow Goggles are crafted in a low profile silhouette with a snug fit for an enhanced field of view. The googles feature proprietary lens-technology RIG™ for increased contrast in low light conditions, supportive triple-layer face foam, GORE® Protective Vents for pressure equalization and minimised visual distortion, an anti-fogging acetate inner lens, and a unique hydrophilic coating. The Sweet Clockwork RIG Snow Goggles are complete with a wide adjustable strap with a jacquard logo detail for a signature finishing touch.

Snug fit
  • Sweet Clockwork RIG Snow Goggles
  • Signature branding to the strap
  • Low profile silhouette
  • Snug fit for an enhanced field of view
  • Extreme impact resistance
  • Proprietary lens-technology RIG™
  • Increased contrast in low light conditions
  • Sapphire coloured coating
  • Supportive triple-layer face foam
  • GORE® Protective Vents
  • Provides pressure equalization and minimised visual distortion
  • Anti-fogging acetate inner lens
  • Unique hydrophilic coating
  • Ensures water won't stick
  • Wide adjustable strap
  • Best suited for Sweet Protection helmets in size XS / S, S / M and M / L
  • Important Goggle Lens Care:
  • Always store lenses in the included woven microfiber cloth bag specially designed for cleaning and storage
  • Hand wash and air dry the microfiber bag regularly
  • Do not touch or rub the inner lens, as this will deteriorate and damage the anti-fog treatment
  • Gently touch the inner lens surface with a clean micro fiber cloth/goggle bag to absorb excess moisture
  • Do not use the Sweet Protection lens cleaning kit or any other cleaning agent on the inner lens
  • If snow or water enters the interior of the lenses, shake excess snow and clear all ventilation ports and lens vents
  • Use the goggle bag that is included with your goggle to gently blot any remaining moisture
  • Allow time for moisture to dissipate
  • Once the goggle is put back on, keep moving as much as possible
  • Airflow through the vents will help dry the goggle
  • Avoid resting the goggle on your forehead, hat or helmet
  • This reduces the efficiency of ventilation ports and exposes the interior to moisture vapor from melting snow, perspiration and body oils
  • Do not use paper products, ski gloves or other abrasive materials to clean the goggle
  • Allow the goggle to air dry before storing for extended periods
  • Do not leave the goggle in areas of concentrated heat and sunlight, such as on a car dashboard or hanging from a rearview mirror
  • Protect the lens and face foam by storing the goggle in its protective bag

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Manufacturers Description