Sustainable Dresses

Unethical practices within the clothing industry relate to a complete disregard for our environment; where trend-led clothing pieces are produced in the masses with the knowledge that most will inevitably end up in landfills due to the designs quickly going out of fashion after one season. Luckily, Country Attire partners with an array of luxury brands pushing for positive change. GANT, Levi’s, Tommy Jeans and Aligne to name a few, all effortlessly fuse sustainable practices with timeless style. Chic sustainable dresses and skirts designed by these brands often utilise organic cotton rather than regular. The benefits of organic cotton usage are outstanding and make the world of difference. For example, the process of producing organic cotton is natural and free from toxic chemicals or GMOS, meaning that its utilisation avoids further poisoning of the land and water sources due to a reduction in the demand for regular cotton. Country Attire is proud to partner with these brands that are truly making a difference and through purchasing these designs, hopefully, fast fashion houses will recognise the benefits and follow our lead too.